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Name: Bob Pierce
(Heath Lawson Photo)

Date of Birth: Coming Soon!

Hometown: Oakwood, Illinois

Family: Angie (wife), Ciara (daughter), & Bobby (son)

Hobbies: Coming Soon!

Years in Racing: Coming Soon!

Years with Dunn-Benson Motorsports: Since 2018

Favorite Track: Coming Soon!

Favorite Race: Coming Soon!

The Dunn Benson Motorsports Team in 2018 will consist of several veterans of the sport including Bob Pierce, as the crew chief for Bobby at the races. Kent Fegter, Randy Courtney, Danny Myers, Kelly Raynor, Red Fisher, Ralph Peiffer, and Wayne Castleberry will each have selective roles either traveling with the team or supporting at the race shop in Dunn, NC.



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